Below you will find a description of the Alfabox AUX2 remote control and its basic functions.



This button can allow to enter the basic settings: Network, Video, Audio, Restart Portal. Please do not change any other settings.


This feature allows you to move ads or program while watching from the archive

Fast Play

These buttons are used to navigate the archive. (To enter the archive, press OK. When the channel list appears, select the right arrow next to OK to make the window on the right active. The top right will see the date that will change 12 hours after pressing ‘Fast play’ left To return to a later date, press ‘Fast play’ to the right.

This button allows you to enter Channels, Videos and Settings. In the Video Library you will find a collection of interesting films that we highly recommend. By entering the settings you can change Streaming Server, Buffering Period and Time Shift. By pressing the Exit button twice you will return to the main window with icons
The OK button confirms the changes as well as allows quick entry to the channel and program list

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