Obecnie oferujemy 3 pakiety: Basic, Plus and Premium. Ponizsza tabelka pokazuje roznice miedzy nimi.


Premium Plus Basic
Number of Channels 100+ 75+ 50+
Timeshift + + +
Archive 2 weeks 1 week
Media library + +
Multiroom 3 devices 2 devices
Web player Flash Flash Flash
iOS player + + +
Smart TV + + +
30 days $29.99 $24.99 $14.99
90 days $84.99 $69.99
365 days $299.99 $249.99

*Liczba kanalow moze ulec zmianie. Zaleznie od popularnosci kanalow moga one zostac dodane lub usuniete z pakietu.


  1. Mare Mularski


    You have removed recently some channels. Can you Please confirm list of actual channels for Family and Premium package. I want to have Polsat Sport and you removed it.
    There is only 3 sport channels in Family/Plus package.

    Please send me a list on my email and confirm future changes.


    Marek Mularski

  2. Peter

    It is illegal to charge money for a NOT COMPLETE explained good or service.
    Telling me i might have 50 channels is not enought.

    Please publish a complte and up to date list of all chanells in comparsion to each package so interested people can choose correctly and legali valid.

    As for now it looks like a scam to me and i will neither try nor buy!

    Good luck!

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