Wise is an online money transfer service. Making transfers is easy.
Here’s a step by step guide with a bit more detail.

  1. Go to the Wise website
  2. Set up your money transfer on Wise:
    – Enter the amount you wish to pay
    – Choose the currency for Sender
    – Choose USD for Recipient
  3. Press the button: “GET STARTED”
  4. Enter your email, create a password and press “SIGN UP” button
  5. Confirm the amount by pressing on ‘CONTINUE’ button (Pay attention, recipient currency should be USD)
  6. Choose a ‘Personal‘ type if you transfer amount from your personal bank account or bank card

  7. Fill in your personal detail and press on ‘CONTINUE’ button
  8. Choose “Business or Charity” as a Recipient
  9. Fill in a Business/Charity information an click on ‘CONFIRM’ button
    Email: transferwise@polishtvcompany.com
    Name of the business: Polish TV Company Inc.
    Recipient’s address:
    Country: United States
    City: Brooklyn
    Address: 1404 Avenue Z
    ZIP code: 11235
  10.  Review and confirm details of your transfer
  11. Choose a payment method at the payment step
  12. Fill in your card information if you choose the payment method a debit/credit card
  13. Enter the code confirmation from your bank and Confirm the payment
  14. Once payment completed, you`ll receive an email from Wise Team with a tracking link of your payment. Forward it to transferwise@polishtvcompany.com as confirmation of payment.


  1. Ola Kaminska

    I would like to pay for a Polish TV but There is no way I can do that! I speak Polish. I would like to pay for The TV by my Revolut debit card.

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