1. Point Universal remote at the Dune remote, head-to-head, 1 or 2 inches apart
  2. Press and hold the [AUX] button and the [ASPECT#] button simultaneously for 3 seconds. The corresponding device LED will turn on indicating that it is ready to be programmed. The LED will remain on for 30 second. The next step must be performed while the LED is on.
  3. Press the button on Universal remote that you want to teach a command to. For example, press the [SETTINGS] button to learn a command to the [SETUP] button.
  4. Press the button on the other remote that corresponds to the command you want to teach. Device LED light will blink twice. Continue learning other buttons.
  5. Below the list of the buttons which should match:
    Universal remote   —>>>  DUNE remote:


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