Dune Box Manual


Front view

  1. LED indicator
  2. IR eye
  3. USB 2.0 host

Rear view

  1. 3.5mm minijack AV out
  2. HDMI 1.3
  3. LAN
  4. Wi-Fi antenna (optional)
  5. DC power 5V

Remote control

  1. Command indicator — flashes in response to RC button pressing.
  2. EJECT — open/close the optical drive tray. MUTE — turn the sound on/off. MODE — switch the video output mode; control some other player functions. POWER — toggle the standby mode.
  3. A (Red) — change icons size, B (Green) — control some player functions, C (Yellow) — control some player functions, D (Blue) — open a virtual keyboard.
  4. 0 – 9 — enter numbers and text; control some other player functions.
  5. SEARCH — jump to a specified playback position. ZOOM — change the zoom factor for the video content being played. SETUP — enter/leave the setup menu; adjust playback settings during playback.
  6. V+/V- (volume up / volume down) — adjust the volume.
  7. P+/P- (page up / page down) — scroll up and down in various lists; control some other player functions.
  8. Arrows, ENTER, RETURN, TOP MENU, POP UP MENU, INFO — main buttons for controlling the player (navigate across the items on the screen, open/use the currently selected item, go back to the previous screen, go to main menu, show popup menu with actions, show information, control some other player functions).
  9. — control the playback.
  10. SUBTITLE, ANGLE/ROTATE, AUDIO, REC, DUNE, URL — control the playback and some other player functions.

Main function

Press POP UP MENU button

In SOURCES tab you can browse your files, folders on HDD, network and external devices.

In TV tab you can find your TV plugins and connector

In FAVORITES tab you can browse and manage all your TV plugins

To add plugins to Favorites use Pop Up Menu – Add to Favorites.

APPLICATIONS tab gives you access to all your applications like web browser and online services.

In SETUP tab you can configure many parameters of you TV-box: General settings, Video, Audio, Network, Applications, Appearance, Playback, Languages, Power Management, Firmware Upgrade, System Storage, Plugins, System Information.


You can change the interface language, adjust screen saver.

“Reset Settings” allows you Soft Reset and Hard Reset.


Set correct “Time zone” according to your location.

Check “Time server”: pool.ntp.org

Also, you can try another time servers: time.windows.com and us.pool.ntp.org


Settings for analog (composite) connection.

Settings for Digital (HDMI) connection.


Proper settings for Audio.


Allows you to setup network (wired mode).



Allows you to customize the main menu.


You can choose audio language for your TV programs.



Sleep timer must be Off.


Actual firmware version: 140610_0131_b8


For a proper work of your TV-box, you must enable System storage.


You can manage (uninstall) your plugins in this section.


All main information about your TV-box stores here.


  1. Tadeusz Szot

    Niemoge zainstalowac “connector”. robie jak karzecie.
    kiedy nacisne connector file tylko pkazuje executing. I trzeba wylaczyc z pradu.
    prosze o pomoc. to juz moje drugie pismo

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