Model Chipset Notes Alfabox1 Alfabox2 Alfabox3
ASUS USBN13 Ralink RT3071 + +
ASUS USBN13 rev.B1 Realtek RTL8192CU
ASUS USBN14 Ralink Rt5372  0.2.18r12 +
Asus USBN53 Ralink RT3572  0.2.18r12 + +
Asus USBN53 rev.B1 MediaTek MT7612U
DLink DWA125 rev.A1, A2, A3 Ralink RT3070
Ralink RT5370
H/W Ver.: A1, A2
(A3 – after release release-0.2.12)
+ +
DLink DWA125 rev.B1 Ralink RT5370 H/W Ver B1 – beginning with versione 0.2.16.b2 + +
DLink DWA125 rev.D1 Realtek RTL8188ETV
D-Link DWA-160 Dualband rev. B2 Ralink RT5572 HW ver. B2 – beginning with version 0.2.16.b2 + +
Netis WF2150 DualBand Ralink RT5572 0.2.16.b2 + +
Edimax EW-7711UAN rev.V1 Ralink RT3070 + +
Edimax EW-7733UnD DualBand(AC)  Ralink RT3573 0.2.16.b2 + +
Foxgate WA 411 Ralink RT5370 + +
Tenda W311M Ralink RT5390 after release release-0.2.12 + +
Tenda W311MI Ralink RT5370 after release release-0.2.12 + +
TPLINK TLWN727N rev.V1 Ralink RT3070 after release release-0.2.12 + +
TPLINK TLWN727N rev.V4 MediaTek MT7601U 0.2.18r17, 0.2.20a7.15 + +
TPLINK TLWN721N Atheros AR9271 0.2.20a7.15  – +
TPLINK TLWN722N rev.1 Atheros AR9271 0.2.20a7.15  – +
TPLINK TLWN723N Realtek 8188E 0.2.18r17, 0.2.20a7.15 + +
TPLINK TLWN725N Realtek 8188E 0.2.18r17, 0.2.20a7.15 + +
TPLINK TLWDN3200 Ralink 5572 0.2.18r17, 0.2.20a7.15 + +
TPLINK TLWDN3200 Dualband Ralink 5592 0.2.18r17, 0.2.20a7.15 + +
Totolink N150 UA Ralink RT5370 0.2.16b2 + +
Dune HD Air Ralink RT3070 0.2.12 + +
Linksys WUSB600N DualBand rev.2 Ralink RT3572 0.2.16b2 + +
CISCO Linksys WUSB600N Wireless N Dualband 0.2.16.b2 + +
LogiLink WL-0145 Ralink RT5370 + +
LogiLink RT8111 Realtek 8188E  0.2.18r17, 0.2.20a7.15 + +
NIC RT8111 802.11n Realtek 8188E  0.2.18r17, 0.2.20a7.15 + +
Edup EP-MS150N Ralink RT5370  0.2.18r17, 0.2.20a7.15 + +
AuraHD air/AuraHD air nano Ralink RT5370 0.2.12 + +

The order of installation/connection of devices

STB supports hot-plugging of USB devices. Before connecting the device, you must first configure the settings menu STB.


After configuration connects the Wi-Fi adapter into an available USB connector. After a while (20-30 seconds) the device is ready to work. Device status can be checked on the tab “Network INFO”