To watch live streaming a user should choose Channels option and press OK:

After that, the Channels screen will open. In the left part of the Channels screen, a list of channel categories is displayed, in the middle part, a list of channels that belong to a chosen category appears. And, correspondingly, in the right column, an Electronic Guide Program (EPG) of a chosen channel is shown. On the EPG the program currently playing in marked by yellow font color and a ‘LIVE’ icon.

To choose a channel to watch a user should firstly select a category by UP and DOWN arrow keys. The selected category will be highlighted. Then, to move to the channels list, a user should press the RIGHT arrow key. To choose a concrete channel a user should again use vertical navigation on the channels list. When a user will press OK on a chosen channel, live streaming will start.

To choose an archive program, a user needs to navigate to the right panel, and then navigate using UP and DOWN arrows to select the required program.

To select another date, a user needs to click RIGHT when the focus is on any program, or UP when the focus is on the top program. The datepicker will be opened and the user will be able to select the required date by clicking UP and DOWN on it, and clicking OK to confirm the selection.

How to Add a Channel to Favorites

To add a channel to favorites, navigate to the required channel and hold OK button. You will see a confirmation window as shown below. Set the focus on Yes, and click OK button. The channel will be added to Favorite, and a corresponding heart icon will appear near the channel name. The channel will be further reachable in the first category – Favorite.


To watch Movies, a user should choose Video library option on the main menu screen and press OK on the remote.

When the Video library screen will be opened, on the left side the list of movies categories will be shown, on the right side – a ‘carousel’ with posters of the movies’ that belong to the highlighted category.

To navigate through the movies in the category a user should firstly press the RIGHT arrow key (to move from the categories list to the ‘carousel’) and then use RIGHT and LEFT arrow keys to navigate through the available movies. When a movie has a focus on it, its poster is highlighted by a white frame. Also, the movie’s description will appear below the carousel.

Then a user should press OK on the selected Movie to open the screen with the detailed movie description. The docus is automatically set on the Play Movie button. You need to click OK on the remote to start watching the Movie.

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