This guide is developed for myPTVC 2.1.0. However, you can use it to set up access to the needed option. 

If you are not registered with our service, follow these steps.
  1. Open the application. On the screen, you will see the main information about our service. It looks like this. 

Now, do the following:

  1. Tap on “Try for free now”
  1. Tap on the “Sign up with Email” button
  1. An option to register will appear. Tap on the “Register” button.

You will be prompted to the Registration page. Provide the required information. 

Now, tap the “Next” button.

  1. Choose your country, fill in your phone number. 
  1. Tap the “Send” button.

On your mobile, you will get a code to activate the service.

  1. Enter the code in the field.  
  1. Tap on the “Confirm” button.

Now, your trial subscription is active. You can enjoy 7 days of Premium Subscription for free.

If you are a registered user, follow these steps:

  1. Tap on the ‘Login’ button

You will be prompted to the login page. 

  1. Enter your login and password. 
  1. Tap on the ‘Login’ button
  1. Tap on the ‘Subscriptions’ button

  1. Choose any available Subscription

How to choose channels to watch

Now, you can choose any channel from those that are shown on the Channels screen.

How to Use Archive

In the EPG section, you can choose programs from our archive. Note please that the archive is available for some subscriptions only. 

The “Calendar” button helps you to change the EPG date. Tap on it to choose the date when the film you want to watch was on. 

If there are problems with the stream, report them here:

How to watch movies in HD

Open Video Library

You can watch trailers for the newly added films

You can choose to watch Movies or TV Shows or scroll content on the screen. 

Tap on the “See All” button to open movies by category. 

How to use filters

When you open movies by category, you can filter and sort them. Tap on the button to see the options:

You will see the filters such as: YEAR and SORTING 

Tap on them to see the options or add the year to watch the movies released in a specific year.

Choose any movie to watch.

How to check information about a movie

You can also scroll the screen to see the movies. When you tape on a movie, you will see the following information: 

  • Rating
  • Genre
  • Actors
  • Director
  • Country

You can choose a movie with a specific actor / director by taping on the square with his/her name

Or you can prefer a specific genre:

You can rate the film

Tap on the “Play” button to watch the movie

Other functions for Channels and Movies

You can perform the following actions with channels and movies:

  1. You can add a movie or channel to the Favorite category
  1. Or share the channel or the movie with your friends
  1. You have an option to switch between full screen and preview mode
  1. Or perform the search of a specific program or movie
  1. Move to the Favorites screen to check your favorite channels and movies

Where to watch content for children

In the “For Kids” tab you can find channels and movies for kids

Cabinet functionality

Your Cabinet is the place from where you manage your subscription and set up the needed options.

 There, you can:

Pay for your subscription

Check the orders history

Change the account information

Set up the time shift

Change TV view mode

Set up parental control

Or change the language of the service

To contact us and check other options, tap on the “Info” button

From there, you can contact us by choosing one of the options:

Also, you can get access to the Help center, report a problem, fill our survey, get familiar with the Privacy policy and our Referral program. Below, you can also find links to our pages on social networks.

Finally, if you don`t need the service for now, you can log out from your account. To do so, return to your Cabinet and tap on the “Log Out” option:


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