1. Open the application page on Google Play: follow the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=tvcompany.polish.com.tvcompany or find the application on the Playmarket by its name myPTVC 2. Click Update button Below is the detailed update flow.

  1. Open Play Store application. Sign in, if you’re not signed in yet. Enter your email/phone, and click Next.
2. Enter your password, and click Next. Then accept the privacy policy by clicking Accept, and accept Terms of service, by clicking I agree. 3. Tap the search field at the top of the screen, and enter myPTVC. Tap the app icon in the dropdown link. 4. If you have the previous app version, you will see the Update button. Click it, wait till the new version will be downloaded and installed, and click Open. You will see the welcome screen of myPTVC app, and the app version will be shown in the bottom right corner. If this is the first/new installation, you will see Install button. Click it, wait till the new version will be downloaded and installed, and click Open

If your app was installed manually on your mobile

If your mobile does not contain Google Play services, to sideload an update to Android Mobile application on your mobile you should complete the following steps:

  1. Enable Unknown Sources.

Make sure the option Unknown sources is on (it is off by default). This will allow you to install Android applications (APK files) outside of the Google Play Market.

NB! These steps may differ depending on your phone OS version and the phone manufacturer. To quickly find the needed section, you can use Search in Settings to find Install unknown apps menu. The below instruction is for Android 9.

On your mobile open Settings, in Settings choose Apps section. In Apps tap the three dots on the top right corner and select Special access.

On the Special access screen select Install unknown apps.

Then select the app you will use for installation (the browser or file manager on your mobile) and tap this app’s icon. Then tap the radio button near Allow from this source.

2. Delete the previous application Find the old app icon in the apps tray on your phone. Hold on the app, and tap Delete in the displayed menu near the application icon.

3. Download the new installation file of the application Click http://bit.ly/ptvc-320  (the link is case-sensitive), confirm the downloading, and the latest APK will be downloaded. Tap the newly-downloaded file in the notifications tray or in the bottom browser notification, and then tap Install on the installation screen.


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