1. If you do not know how to program a universal remote control without code with Alfabox remote control, below, we mention some instructions for adequately configuring the remote control – it doesn’t matter if it is Phillips or other universal remote control.
  2. You need to place two remote controls at a distance of 1-2 inches and point them at each other
  3. For the next step, you need the LED to be on. This is achieved by holding down the two buttons [AUX] and [ASPECT #] for 3 seconds at the same time. When the LED on the remote control turns on, it is ready for further programming.
  4. If you want to assign a command to Universal remote without codes, then you need to press these buttons on both remotes. For example, you want to assign the [DEL] control to the [ASPECT #] button. You press the [ASPECT #] button on the universal remote and the [DEL] button on the Alfabox remote control. If this operation is successful, then the LED will light up twice.
  5. Then you can continue this procedure with the other buttons.

Now you know how to program a one for all universal remote control. Below, you can see a list of available options between the two remotes – Universal remote and Alfabox


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