How should I manage the VLC plugin?

If you are going ng to watch Polish TV service “online”, you must first install the VLC plugin

Here you will find step-by-step installation path of VLC on a Mac or PC.

The VLC plug-in should be installed on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox (PLEASE DO NOT USE THE INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER)

If you have already installed the VLC plug-in, uninstall the program and reinstall it using one of the browsers listed above.

NOTE: The VLC plug-in for MAC only fully supports the Safari web browser and the 32-bit version of the Chrome browser. There is no support for Firefox yet.

VLC plug-in for MAC (installation instruction) with iOS operating system version 10.5 and below:

1. Download here
2. Double-click the package icon: the icon will appear on your desktop, next to the drive (s). Open it and move VLC applications to the place where you want to install (should be / Applications).
3. Restart your main browser (Chrome, Opera or other)
4. Go to  watch online  on
5. Press “watch online”, then please write down your private access code.

VLC plug-in for MAC (installation instructions) with iOS operating system  version 10.6 and above:

  1.  Download here
  2. In Finder, press Command + Shift + G (or use the Go> Go to Folder menu)
  3. Enter / Library / Internet Plug-Ins, then press the button to temporarily go to the online plugins folder.
  4. Copy VLC Plugin  to the opened Internet Plug-Ins folder
  5. Reload the computer
  6. Go to  watch online  on
  7. Press the “watch online”, then please write down your private access code.Finished!

VLC plugin for Windows:

  1.  Install the  VLC installation file for WINDOWS
  2.  Close all browsers on your computer
  3.  Click on the VLC file, then select “Run”
  4. After the installation, you should restart browser.
  5. Visit  watch online on
  6. Click on “Watch online”, then please write down your private access code.


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