For the proper installation of Connector on Dune 101, 102, 301 and 303D you should do the following:

  1. Insert a USB drive into PC.
  2. Install this file to the USB stick.
  3. Switch on the Dune box.
  4. Plug-in USB drive into the Dune box device.
  5. Visit the Sources icon, then click OK on the remote device.
  6. Choose USB Memory Storage.
  7. Choose dune_service_connector.dsf file, then click OK on the remote device.
  8. The main screen will become black for few seconds and then Main Menu will appear.
  9. The icon Connector should now be displayed on the screen.
  10. Choose the wished type of service (Premium, Family) and click ENTER on the device


If the customer doesn’t see the Connector icon after the procedure, press on the link and go through the instruction.



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