1. Please disconnect the LAN (internet) cable from the box.  After that, you will see a window with the message on the top – “Page loading error”.
    (If you  won’t see this message then use this link to fix the issue).
  2. Press the “Ok” button on the “System settings”.
  3. Choose the icon “Video” and press “Ok”.
  4. Select “Video output mode” and use left or right buttons to set “480i” for composite cable or “720p” for HDMI cable.
  5. Press “Ok” and then one time “Home” button – on the left of “Ok” (on this step – connect to the box ethernet cable).
  6. In “System settings” choose “Restart portal” and press “Ok” button two times on it. After that, you will see the window with icons, as usual.
  7. Choose a TV package which you pay for and run it.

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