Attention! Family subscriptions are no longer available in our Apple TV app

  1. From your iPhone or MacBook, open >>>>>>> the link.
  2. Find and install the TestFlight App
    TestFlight is a free application. You can use it to download the myPTVC app on your iOS device. If you have downloaded TestFlight, move to Step 5. If you haven`t downloaded it yet, follow the steps below. 

3. Click on View in App Store option.
4. Install the app. To do so, click on the indicated button.

5. Add myPTVC app to your TestFlight account on your iOS device.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-8.png

6. Open your Apple TV.
7. Now, you need to install TestFlight on Apple TV. Click on the indicated button to do so.

8 Choose the app

9 And install it.

10 Once the installation is complete, open the App.

11. Click on Continue.

12. Click on myPTVC.

13. Install myPTVC app.

Now, you can use myPTVC app on your Apple TV!
Remember though that your iOS device and Apple TV shall use the same Apple ID.

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