How to Add Channels to Favorites

Open the app on your Android TV and log in. You will be moved to the list of channels:

Scroll to see the entire list.

Once the needed channel is found, click on it:

Add it to Favorites by clicking on the option:

And confirm your choice by clicking OK:

Now, you can check whether the channel was added to your Favorites List. Move to the list, and you will see it:

Now, you can click on the channel directly in the List to watch it. 

How to Add Movies to Favorites

Open the app on your Android TV, provide the login information to log in to your account. 

Move to the Video Library:

Choose the movie you want to add to Favorites. 

Click on the option to add the movie to the Favorites:

Now, you can move to the Favorites in the respective category (movies) to check whether the movie was added:

You can click on it directly in the list to watch it.

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