How to solve the problem of freezing?

  1. If you have a great number of freezes and all of them are on your (client) side, our company proposes the following solutions :

    Firstly, you need to restart your network router.

    If we are talking about Alfabox boxes, then you should reset it

    If you have Dune boxes, then you also should restart it, reboot the connector, and get rid of the cache.

    If your connection is via a Wi-Fi, then please consider the wired connection. If this is not possible in your situation, later try restarting all wireless connections and also check your wireless receiver on your computer.

    If you have a wired connection, then the most common problems are because of using the wrong ports or a bad connection between box, router, and Internet. The WAN port is for the internet connection, and the LAN port is for your box. Yellow corresponds to the local network and is often numbered from 1 to 4, and blue  -for the global network.

    This site – – allows you to check the status of your connection, and with the help of IP, you can find the user’s location.

    If you want to check the connection speed, then is at your service.

    With the ping command you can check the quality and stability of your network. To do this, run the command ping “IP address” in the command line (for example, ping

    For more information, we suggest you should read this article.

    Also check out Traceroute – a computer utility designed to determine the routes of data in networks. To check this, type tracert at the command prompt

    Then write your ping and tracert results in your ticket

    If you now have a live broadcast, then the value of Timeshift will be 0. All other values ​​correspond to the archives. We should always check channels with Timeshift: 0.

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