1. Switch from Wireless connection to LAN
Yes, this matters. Wireless connection is way less stable and is less suitable for video over the internet. So we do always recommend to connect via LAN. If you have your router on the other floor than TV Box and you can’t or don’t want to run a cable – Powerline adapter will be a solution for you! This device costs around $70 and allows you to pass the internet through the electrical network.

2. Don’t use The Internet on other devices
Disconnect your phone, laptop or tablet from the network and turn off the computer.  Don’t use The Internet on the computers at the same time while watching TV.

3. Upgrade your modem to DOCSIS 3 modem
You can request to upgrade your modem from your Internet provider to the newest version of the modem. DOCSIS 3 modems have a separate channel for video streaming compared to older modems which only have one channel for everything.

4. Upgrade your Internet plan
Sometimes it is just not enough Internet speed! So you may consider upgrading your Internet plan to the higher speed level.

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