After connecting WiFi antenna to your Alfabox, you will see Page loading error on the screen. Follow the instructions to connect Alfabox to the Internet:

  1. Select SET or SETUP on the remote and press OK .
  2. Select Network and press OK on the remote.
  3. Select Wireless (WiFi) and press OK on the remote.
  4. Select Auto (DHCP) and press OK on the remote.
  5. Find and select your WiFi from the list of all available networks and press OK on the remote.
  6. Make sure all settings are entered like at the picture below. Go to Key or passphrase and enter your WiFi password.
  7. To enter your password select keyboard on the remote. If your password contains capital letters, click on Caps Lock or Shift to enter capital letters
  8. 8. After entering the password, press KB  button (keyboard will disappear), then press OK and then Exit (three times) on the remote. You will go back to System settings. Select Restart portal and press OK on the remote.


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